About DigDev Direct

DigDev Direct provides companies with a wide range of marketing services across media channels. Clients may choose from an array of options including email marketing, lead generation, telemarketing, and mobile SMS marketing. By employing these varied sales and distribution channels, DigDev Direct allows clients to reach more than one billion consumers in 75 countries around the world.

With regard to email marketing, DigDev Direct helps customers reach more than 70 million email accounts. The firm backs its email capabilities with research about the consumers in its email database. The research has identified 150 psychographic and behavioral characteristics of consumers, including income, social habits, music interests, travel preferences, and more. The company maintains 100 percent compliance with anti-spam regulations.

On the mobile marketing front, DigDev Direct helps target a highly responsive opt in wireless database. The firm can segment the database of consumers by 70 characteristics such as address, gender, and age. Clients may choose to deliver standard text messages or multimedia messages. Detailed reporting about the campaigns is sent to customers so that the effectiveness of campaigns may be analyzed.

DigDev Direct has been in the online and telemarketing industries for more than 30 years. In addition to its marketing services, DigDev Direct provides a range of customer support solutions. The company secures attractive pricing for clients based on its long-term relationships with vendors that have been vetted for the reliability and quality of services provided. The firm’s client list includes major players in both the private and public sectors including Subway, the Unites States Navy, and Foot Locker.


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